Baby Blankets and Minky Blankets for Girls

Little Girl Mart offers a large and unique selection of cute and cozy WHOLESALE MINKY BABY BLANKETS WITH SATIN TRIM,  browse them all to find your favorites!

Our minky baby blankets come in various styles, from pretty pink blankets and silky soft rosettes, to rocking guitar patterns, every little girl will find their perfect match with our blankets! These blankets have a fun outer graphic and a soft, silky lining.

These blankets make perfect gifts, great baby photoshoot backgrounds and are the go-to blankets after a busy day in the snow and cold.


Guitar Minky Baby Toddler Blanket Wholesale Featured in Red, White and Black. Soft red minky dot fabric on the inside, rockin’ guitars on the outside and put together with white satin trim ruffle. Full of style and texture to stimulate their senses.
Hot Pink and Lime Chevron Baby Minky Blanket Wholesale Bright and cheerful, this minky baby blanket boasts a zigzag or Chevron pattern of hot pink and lime green on the outside, soft hot pink minky dot fabric on the inside and a fabulous matching hot pink satin ruffle for the final touch.
Hot Pink and White Quatrefoil Wholesale Minky Baby Blanket Did you know that Quatrefoil in architecture is a symmetrical shape which forms four partial circles of the same diameter? It sure is a popular shape and pattern that gives this Hot Pink and White Quatrefoil Minky Baby Blanket its appeal.  You will find the top is made with hot pink material and a Quatrefoil design, the bottom is made of a super soft minky dot blanket fabric and topped off with a matching hot pink satin trim ruffle.
Pink Damask Minky Baby Blanket Wholesale Interestingly enough, it was brought to my attention recently that the term Damask is not a pattern type, rather a type of fabric which uses a variety of weaving techniques. Now of course there is a lot more to this, however it’s enough information to set me straight! Damask is not a pattern; it’s a type of fabric with special weaving techniques! With this said, I will not describe our Pink Damask Minky Baby Blanket as a Damask pattern, rather I will say a Damask lookalike or similar Damask fabric weave floral design (?) adorns the top of this minky dot blanket and a super soft inside all trimmed nicely with a soft satin silky ruffle. All precious in pink.
Pink Mustache Blanket Minky Dot Blanket Wholesale Super cute and fun! How can you go wrong with a funny pink mustache? Mustaches aren’t just for boys! Check out this fun baby minky dot blanket for a playful keepsake and forever blanket.
Turquoise Quatrefoil Baby Minky Blanket Wholesale The aqua color of this blanket reminds me of the sunlight rays hitting the ocean causing the shallow parts of the blue water to turn the beautiful bright aqua colors. The aqua or turquoise color of this blanket is very soothing, especially paired with the soft pink minky dot blanket and pink silky satin ruffle.
It’s a blanket your little girl will want to snuggle into.
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