Little Girl Mart sunglasses are sold in a variety of colors and styles including aloha hibiscus, glamor, hello kitty, multi colored egg, solid, solid sporty, strawberry, and tulip. Our sunglasses encompass attractiveness, style, and affordability, all in one! Featuring guaranteed UV protection, our kids sunglasses are the ideal addition for bright summer days! Products are sold individually.

Our most popular colors and styles include our hello kitty and aloha hibiscus sunglasses, and an all time fashionable favorite is our simple solid sporty sunglasses. If you want to keep your little guy or girl safe from the strong UV rays in the sun, match our UV protectant sunglasses with any of our UV protectant sun hats! These are ideal sunglasses for every kid! Little Girl Mart sells a large variety of sunglasses, every child is sure to find their perfect fit.

Shop at Little Girl Mart and find fashionable sunglasses at prices you will love! We offer an amazing selection of bright, colorful sunglasses that are perfect for so many occasions. From a fun day at the beach, to keeping their eyes safe spending the day at the park, our sunglasses will make life easier all around!


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"Kaila" is Hawaiian for "style".  Kids will keep cool and kaila this summer with Wholesalegirls new Pink Aloha Hibiscus Sunglasses! These sunglasses are adorable and fitting for the summer months. Wear them during the winter to remind you that the sun is on its way back. All of Wholesale Gir..
It's hard not to fall in love with these sunglasses.  The new Aloha Hibiscus Purple Sunglasses will transport you to the warm islands of Hawaii.  Tiny tots can protect those little peepers in these stylish shades from Wholesalegirls. Stay safe and styling this year. As are all sunglasse..
These little girl sunglasses really are cute aren't they? The new Hot Pink Glamour Sunglasses by Wholesalegirls are a little girl's dream.  You put three colors of sunglasses in front of a little girl and one of them is hot pink...she's going to grab these! They're adorable, yes, but they're..
The new Glamour Purple Sunglasses are the ultimate gift for the little girl in your life. Make her feel glamourous this summer when she shades her sensitive eyes from the sun while wearing her new Glamour Purple Sunglasses. All of Wholesalegirls sunglasses for girls are FDA approved, lead fr..
Little girls love these Hello Kitty sunglasses! Wear them to the beach, on vacation or just on an extra sunny day, this fun pair of girl's sunglasses is a must-have for style and eye protection!-FDA Approved-Lead Free-UV400 ..
Multi Colored Egg SunglassesThe soft lines of Multi Colored Egg Sunglasses provides a nice contoured shape that adds interest and a great fit.  Our sunglasses are lead free and provide UV400 protection for a winning combination of fashion and function.  Don’t forget to grab your sh..
Black goes well with everything and you know a little girl that wears the full spectrum of colors in her outfits, she'll love the solid black sunglasses by Wholesalegirls.  They comfortable to wear and stylish all year round. These sunglasses will provide up to UV400 protection. You want her..
Solid pink sunglasses. Simple and beautiful. Not over the top, just plain cute.  Wholesale girl's sunglasses are lead free and provide up to UV400 protection.  The sun is getting hot out there these days and these curved sunglasses will fit her face well and keep her safe. The summer su..
The new solid purple sunglasses are beautiful and bright.  They will block out that bright sun from your little girl's sensitive eyes. Did you know blue eyes are more sensitive to the sun and bright lights than any other color of eyes? In the winter when the snow piles up and the sun is refr..
Summer themed, the sides of these sunglasses are covered in many small strawberries. The front is solid pink and needs nothing more. Pink is always chic. And though she'll be head to toe in style this summer, more importantly she'll be safe.  All of Wholesalegirls sunglasses are FDA approved..
A sweet option for your sweet girl. Our new Purple Strawberry Sunglasses have an adorable design of small strawberries on the sides of the glasses and a solid purple along the front. The structure of the glasses are fairly simple, but the pattern of fruit along the sides make these glasses obviou..
Why do we love summer? I think it's the beauty of everything! These new Pink Tulip Flower Sunglasses will shade and protect her eyes so she can safely see the beauty of everything this summer. Covered in tiny tulip flowers, the design of these glasses are delightful.  The structure of these ..
Covered in tiny tulips, the new Purple Tulip Flower Sunglasses are charming for your tiny tot. The dark shades will provide UV400 protection for your little girl and as with all sunglasses through Wholesalegirls they are also lead free and FDA approved. She'll be safe and stylin this summer, but ..
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