Red White and Blue Pettiskirt

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Red White and Blue Pettiskirt

Let freedom ring with these amazing red white and blue WHOLESALE PETTISKIRTS for girls!  Ideal for baby 4th of july this pettiskirt will look great for a special holiday party or photo.  With layers of red, white and blue chiffon, a white satin lining for modesty and a stretchy elastic satin ribbon waistband, this pettiskirt has it all and more!

For even more comfort, these amazing patriotic pettis come with two buttons sewn on the inside of the waistband to attach easily to a crochet tube top.  No more pulling tops up and down as your little girl runs and plays, these hidden buttons will keep a top firmly in place for hours!  Simply insert the button into one of the crochet holes (pictured above) and voila!, a no-slip pettiskirt outfit! 

Approximate Sizes


  • 7.5" Waist (unstretched)
  • 8"L x 20"W


  • 8" Waist (unstretched)
  • 9"L x 23"W


  • 8.5" Waist (unstretched)
  • 10"L x 24"W


  • 9" Waist (unstretched)
  • 11"L x 25"W


  • 10"Waist (unstretched)
  • 13"L x 28"W

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