Red Rosette Bloomers with Bow

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Red Rosette Bloomers with Bow

BABY BLOOMERS WHOLESALE are a popular item, especially with this high quality rosette baby bloomer. This red infant bloomer is perfect for your sweet heart! This wholesale bloomer features stunning detail in the rosettes that cover the entire outside of this baby accessory. With a flexible elastic waistband, soft fabric,  and a silky smooth ribbon this bloomer really shines! The amazing textures, colors, and quality of the details make this an accessory she will wear time and time again. Plus, this red color pairs so well with our legwarmers and wholesale headbands, she'll always be in style!


Approximate Sizing

Small fits 0-6 months
Medium fits 6-12 months
Large fits 12-24 months


Fabric Content

100% polyester


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