Sparkle Fairy Wings

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Sparkle Fairy Wings

Transform your little one with our new SPARKLE FAIRY WINGS! These fairy wings costumes come in five different colors and feature a glittery pattern in silver sparkles on each wing. Your little lady will feel magical in these as she plays about. These little girls accessories for dress up would be perfect for her to wear any day she wants to add some fun to her look or as part of a costume. You could also attach them to her school backpack for a unique DIY project of your own design! Pin them on her bedroom wall for colorful décor or use as a photo prop.

Elastic Arm Entry encased with Satin Loops

Color options

  • Five color options

Size options

  • One size fits most

Approximate sizes

12” L x 16” W

Recommended ages

  • Toddler 1-3 years
  • Teen/Adult

-Sold Individually

- Care instructions: Hand wash item and lay flat to dry

She can wear these Sparkle Fairy Wings with our Sparkle Tutu for a fun look she can wear any day! Check out this cutesy outfit!


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