Marabou Butterfly Wand Light Blue

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Marabou Butterfly Wand Light Blue

Premium MARABOU BUTTERFLY WANDS from Wholesale Girls! Get lovely with light blue when you add our light blue marabou butterfly wand to any outfit! From playtime to themed costume parties, our wholesale wand is the perfect match! Featuring a fun butterfly with sparkly glitter and fluffy marabou feathers, our ribbon wrapped wand is the perfect addition to playtime! Turn her into Elsa from Frozen when you add our Turquoise Sequin Dress and our blue Flower Halo Crown  with our lovely light blue wand! This wand truly is the perfect little girl accessory!


Approximate size: 

  • 15" L x 3" W

Recommended ages: 

  • Toddler
  • Teen/Adult 

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