Polka Dot Tutu Gold

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Polka Dot Tutu Gold

Wholesale Girls presents Gold Polka Dot Tutu, a Fluffy, three layered Boutique TU TU for Girls and Toddlers, Metallic Gold Polka dots on Tulle with two additional layers of the same netting underneath (no dots under top layer).  The very full tutu looks and feels like a cushion to wear!  The cream color satin stretchy waistband measures 14 inches before stretching. 

This 10 inch long tutu is one your little girl can grow into! 

Add our matching MetallicGold excellent value stretchy headbands and you'll be inclined to take pictures for your photo album! 

Recommended Ages:

LIttle Girls, Toddler Girls,Children

Approxomate size: 

10" length from waistband

14" waist circumference (before stretching)

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