5 Layer Tutu Small White

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5 Layer Tutu Small White

Wholesale Tutus for Toddlers age 1-3

Fabulous tutu skirts in 5!  This is a full and fabulous wholesale tutu for girls.  We are so proud to offer this newly designed tutu as an exclusive to Little Girl Mart. Made with 5 layers of excellent quality tulle and a satin lined elastic stretch waistband,  this is a premium tutu.  Absolutely gorgeous, full and fluffy,  you will love the layers and layers of graduated silky tulle and a rainbow of colors  and prints available.   Perfect for dance recitals, dress-up trunks, costumes or photo shoots, this tutu will not disappoint.  

Available for ladies of all ages, see our separate listing for all size options.


 Size options

  • One size - Small (see other listings for additional sizes)

Approximate sizes

  • Small size fits 15" to 25" waist (elastic waistband)
  • 11" long – you may adjust the length by simply trimming the edges with scissors to your desired length
  • 5 layers of tulle

Recommended ages
 Toddler 1-3 years
Teen / Adult (with a maximum 25" waist)

-Sold individually

-Care instructions: Hand wash item and lay flat to dry

Wholesale prices while supplies last. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.


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